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As featured in South East Farmer Magazine

A great article in this months edition of the South East Farmer magazine 👍. With over 45,000 readers we're pretty sure a few of you may have already seen it... for those who haven't, here are a few of the best bits.

"The FlockFinder app allows farmers to capture key livestock information such as medical treatment data whilst out in-the-field and helps them to digitize regulatory reporting and record keeping while increasing eficiencies and improving farm performance.

The company is aiming to disrupt outdated practices in the traditional sheep farming industry, such as paper-based medical record keeping and flock management, with an easy-to-use app which can be updated instantly with data shared across all devices and users on the farm.

The platform helps to calculate dosages, withdrawal periods and overall medication usage in order to keep accurate records and drive efficiencies.

Crucially, FlockFinder’s unique cloud-based architecture means that data will not be lost even if a device is lost or broken. "

Try it out today to see how it could benefit your farm!


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