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It's Launch day for FlockFinder!

Available to download now on iOS and Android - try it for free with our demo version

We’re very excited to announce that FlockFinder is launching today on iOS and Android, and we can’t wait to share the next generation of livestock management software with the sheep farming community.

Our company was founded on a mission to unlock the unrealised potential that technology can deliver to the UK’s £1.3 billion sheep farming sector.

We’ve spent the last two years working alongside farmers up and down the country to develop FlockFinder as a solution to their core challenges, and we’re so glad to be bringing the best in modern technology to make digital records of flock and medical treatment data.

In order to meet farmers’ needs, this platform needed to be easy-to-use, accessible on any device, and enable data to be shared across the farm – so that is exactly what we built!

FlockFinder’s technology can be used to:

  • Replace paper-based records

  • Improve the profitability of livestock farms

  • Develop data-driven decisions

  • Support farm-inspections

We have been testing FlockFinder on a small group of test-farms, all of which have fully embraced digital record keeping, reporting that it has improved their record keeping accuracy, but more importantly their peace-of-mind in knowing that their records are always up-to-date.

Unlike with paper-based medical books, data can be captured in the field and shared across an unlimited number of users, devices and locations. Its cloud-based architecture also means that data won’t be lost even if a device is lost or broken.

Recording treatments is quick and easy. With just a few clicks, FlockFinder will help to calculate dosages, withdrawal periods and overall medication usage. The platform also comes installed with a suite of ready made reports to support farm inspections.

FlockFinder is available to download now across all platforms and devices, including smartphones, Mac and PC. You can download a free interactive demo version to see how the platform works with artificial farm data before committing to membership.

The platform is available in 3 tiers of subscription depending on the farm size. All memberships offer unlimited users and treatment records.

Keeping accurate medical records is just the start for us here at FlockFinder; we have big plans for the future and look forward to working with farmers to develop new features that are easy-to-use, require minimal input and help to solve daily problems on the farm.

Online movement reporting, lineage tracking (to refine the flock) and direct livestock selling are all being requested, and we’re excited to see how these developments will help to evolve, and in some cases disrupt, the industry.

We are currently testing the impact that lineage tracking can have on flock performance with our test-farms and it is producing some very exciting results!

You can keep up to date with FlockFinder on this blog, and we’re always keen to hear from you if you have any questions or feedback about the platform, suggestions for new features, or just want to chat sheep!

And finally, feel free to share this blog with your friends, colleagues and online communities to help us spread the word about FlockFinder.

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