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Medicine book - what you need to know

Sometimes it can be hard to know what your obligations are when it comes to recording livestock medication. The rules are detailed in "The Veterinary Medicines Regulations 2013", which is a 110 page document detailing everything from the manufacture, distribution, application and recording of veterinary medicines - and quite a dry read.

Don't worry though, we've done the hard work for you and summarised the record keeping responsibilities of the 'keeper of a food-producing animal' or 'keeper' as we'll call them 😉.

As a keeper, your record keeping responsibilities are divided into two main parts:

1. Acquisition

When purchasing medication, you must keep a record of:

  • Proof of purchase of all veterinary medicines (if they were not bought, evidence of how they were acquired).

  • Product name and batch number

  • Date of acquisition

  • Quantity acquired

  • Name and address of the supplier

2. Treatment

When administering medication, you must keep a record of:

  • Product name

  • Date of administration

  • Quantity administered

  • The withdrawal period

  • Identification of the animal treated

The keeper must retain these records for at least five years following the administration or disposal of the medication, irrespective of whether or not the animal concerned remains in your possession (i.e. its been sold, died or slaughtered).

Sound complicated? Don't worry, FlockFinder has been built to ensure that you stay compliant with these record keeping requirements. Simply add your medication to the platform and record treatments as you go - we'll handle the rest 👍.

Treatments entered into FlockFinder are instantly shared across the farm and our suite of ready-made reports mean you can easily produce a copy of your treatment records at the touch of a button to support farm inspections.

Recording treatments in FlockFinder quicker and easier than doing it on paper 📝, it also provides additional insights (like total medication used during a certain period) giving you the knowledge you need to improve flock performance and profitability.

Medicine-book made easy!


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