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We're BETA-testing!!!

After months of research, design and development we are now ready to test FlockFinder in-the-field.

Beta-testing is an essential part of product development, it gives real users a chance to use our platform on their farms and put it through its paces in the real-world.

We're extremely lucky to have a group of brave farmers who are willing to take the leap and replace their paper-based medical records with FlockFinder over the next few months and we hope that they don't find too many bugs... well actually we hope that they find all the bugs, just that there aren't many to find 🧐.

We have been developing FlockFinder with a farmer-first mentality so we are really excited to get some feedback on how our beta-testers find the platform when using it for their day-to-day flock management. This feedback will be extremely important as it will help shape and refine the platform, to make sure it stays focussed on what farmers really need and doesn't get overly complicated with features that sound good in the office but have limited real-world value.

Our beta-testers will be putting FlockFinder through its paces over the next few months, through lambing season, and if all goes well we will be launching FlockFinder to the market soon!

We have closed this round of beta-testing to new applicants, however if you are interesting in joining our beta-testing community and getting priority access to new versions of FlockFinder in the future, please email us at


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