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Livestock management made simple

Save time and stay compliant, with our easy-to-use livestock management app 

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Capture data while

Spend less time in the office 

Keep your records up-to-date


Struggling to keep your records up-to-date? 

Worried about the next farm inspection, but can’t find the time to keep your records are up-to-date?


Treated an animal but not gotten around to updating your medicine book?

Losing track of your WhatsApp messages and which animals have (or have not) been treated? 

As sixth generation farmers, we know how stressful it can be keeping track of your livestock and worrying about keeping your records up-to-date

We are here to help you stay compliant, so you can focus on spending your time doing what you do best! 

We help busy farmers keep track of their livestock and stay compliant

We've helped farms of all sizes keep track of their livestock, eliminating cumbersome paper-based records, saving them time, and helping them stay compliant with the latest regulations. 

Built by farmers, for farmers, we’ve combined the best of modern technology with on-the-ground knowledge and experience to create an easy-to-use platform that can help YOU manage your livestock and keep your records up-to-date. 


Our award winning app has helped farmers across the country spend less time in the office, and MORE time on the farm. 

And we can help you do the same! 

FlockFinder's award winning app

How FlockFinder can help YOU! 


Spend less time in the office

Capture treatments on your phone while out in-the-field and know that your records are always up-to-date.


Simple and easy-to-use

Designed by farmers, just like you, FlockFinder works the way you do, so you can get started straight away. 


Keep everyone up-to-date

Instantly share updates across the farm so everyone is working off the latest information.

FlockFinder founder leaning on sheep pen

The FlockFinder process: 

Step 1: Sign up today

It only takes 5 minutes to create an account and activate your 30-day free trial. You'll get full access to FlockFinder and can see first-hand how it can help you manage your livestock. 

Step 2: Ditch the paperwork

Easily set up your farm, quickly adding livestock, treatments, lineage and other farm data straight onto your phone. Share the latest information across the farm and keep your records up-to-date. All without spending any more time in the office. 

Step 3: Relax! 

Relax in the knowledge that your records are complete and you are ready for the next farm inspection. 

Here's what you'll get with FlockFinder

Record data in the field

Capture data while out in-the-field

Easily record treatments and other farm data straight onto your phone and never fall behind with your record keeping again. 

Easy to use livestock management app


Designed by farmers (with big buttons!) you can quickly get set-up and start recording your data.

Share data across the farm

Instantly share data across the farm

Everyone on the farm can have access to FlockFinder, so they can always see, and record, the latest information. 

Manage your fields in FlockFinder

Manage your fields

Identify your fields on a map, add livestock and keep track of stocking rates, group treatment and movement history. 

Record lineage in FlockFinder

Record lineage

Keep track of bloodlines. Combine lineage, treatment and lambing data to identify the best breeding stock and improve farm performance. 

ready-made reports

Ready-made reports

Keep track of how things are going and always be ready for the next farm inspection. 

Access FlockFinder on any device

Accessible on any device, anywhere

Smartphone or laptop, iOS or Android... it works on them all. 

Works with cattle, sheep and more

Multi-species support

Record and treat sheep, cattle and 'other' animals all in the FlockFinder app so your medical records stay aligned. 

Track your medication usage

Track your medication usage

Quickly see which medicines you have available, and which are running low, so you can stock up before your run out. 

Secure, cloud-based storage

Keep your data safe

Your data is stored in the cloud, where it is secure and protected, even if you lose (or run over!) your device. 

Livestock overview

Livestock overview

Keep track of your livestock with the ability to search, filter and sort by breed, sex, age, status etc. and quickly find the animals you are looking for. 

Track lambing performance

Track lambing performance

Quickly register births as they happen and keep track of your lambing performance.

... and we're not stopping there!

We continue to develop FlockFinder based on the feedback we receive from farms just like YOURS. 

So sign up today and be part of something amazing!  

What our customers say... 


"Exactly what I needed!"

"Exactly what I needed! A simple, easy-to-use medical book that the whole farm can access."

Exactly what i needed - review.

Edward Stretton

College Farm Produce


"I don't need to worry anymore"

"It's reassuring to know that my records are always up to date and I don't need to worry about them anymore."

Dont need to worry anymore - review.

Matt Brown

M.B. Farms


"Over 1,800 pain-free treatments"

"Over the last 12 months we've recorded over 1,800 pain-free treatments in FlockFinder - I don't know what we'd do without it."

Pain free way to capture treatments - review.

Richard Wilton

R.W. & Sons

How FlockFinder is different! 


Simple and easy-to-use
Available on ANY device
Instantly share data across the farm
Data securely stored in the cloud


The 'other' guys

Complicated to learn and difficult to use
Only available on mobile OR desktop
Hard to share data (if at all)
Only supports one species
Data is stored (and lost!) with the device
Ready to get started? Click below! 

As featured in... 

Flockfinder free trial

Try it out for

Sign-up today and get instant access to our demo-farm, where you can play around with our demo-sheep, demo-fields, demo-medication and demo-reports to see how FlockFinder can work for you.  

When you're ready, sign-up to one our plans and start your 30 day free trial! 


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