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About Us

Sixth generation farmers, doing things a little differently. 

Built for farmers, by farmers, we started FlockFinder with the goal of building technology that is easy to implement, simple to use and accessible to all. 

Farming Ancestors
6th Generation Farmers

Our Story

We started FlockFinder with the goal of unlocking the unrealised potential that technology can deliver to the livestock farming sector, to increase the competitiveness of the industry and support the sustainability of farmers' livelihoods in an increasingly competitive industry.


Built around a farmer-first ​mindset we are leveraging the very best in modern technology to deliver tools that really work for farmers

We spoke with farmers across the country asking them what they needed, and a platform that can help them keep on top of their medical records was by far the most popular response. 


In order to meet their needs, this platform needed to be easy-to-use, accessible on any device, and enable data to be shared across the farm - so that is exactly what we built


But that was just the start. 

Since then, we have continued to be guided by the industry developing new features that help farmers spend less time in the office and more time on the farm. 

FlockFinder is a comprehensive livestock management platform, with features including a digital medicine book, a flock book, field management, lineage records... and so much more. 

We're excited to see how FlockFinder will continue to evolve and help farmers to prosper in an increasingly challenging environment. 

So, if you want better visibility over your livestock, to spend less time in the office, and finally feel confident that your records are up-to-date - then sign up to your 30-day free trial of FlockFinder today! 

Sheep in a field

Ready to join the flock? 

Meet The Team

For more information on FlockFinder, the Team, or our company history, please see our Media Kit section.  

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