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Getting Started

Getting started with FlockFinder is quick and easy.

In less than 5 minutes you can be setup and ready to go! 

And that's it, you're ready to go!
  • Will the app work with my EID reader?
    We’ve found that most farms don’t routinely use EID readers (and lots don't own one!) so we designed FlockFinder to work without needing one. You can mange your flock either as individuals, or in groups/fields, without needing to continually scan each animal 👍. However, if you already have an EID reader, you can upload the data captured by a reader onto your account through FlockFinder online where you can also access all of your farm data. Take a look at our 'Bulk Upload' guidance below. To perform a ‘Bulk Upload’, you will need to use the template provided to ensure your data contains all of the right information (e.g. breed, sex) to be upload. Alternatively, you can send it through to the team and we’ll upload it for you 🧑‍💻.
  • Can I assign individual animals to a field?
    We tried this, but it didn't work out so well... Assigning individual animals to fields, then managing any changes/movements/updates and finding the specific IDs when the numbers don’t add up just became a HUGE admin burden - so we removed it to keep things simple. In FlockFinder, you can manage your livestock in one of two ways: Individual animals Typically registered by ear tag number (but you can also use any name you like), individual animals are registered in the platform to keep track of their personal details, e.g. medical history and breading performance. Groups/Fields In the field list you can keep track of your flock (or herd) at a high level, so you always know how many animals you have, what type (e.g. ewes, lambs) and where they are located. Group treatments (e.g. worming) can also be qucikly recorded at a group/field level. Generally speaking most farms use individual ID to track breeding stock, and/or pedigrees, as keeping track of treatments (e.g. antibiotics for mastitis) and lineage is more important than for slaughter animals. However, there is no reason you can’t track these details for all animals on the farm. Although useful for general farm management, groups/fields are also used to keep track on un-tagged lambs or animals due to go to slaughter. Remember, slaughter tags generally do not display individual animal ID numbers, just the flock number, so it is very difficult to manage an individual record for them (unless you scan the EID microchip every time).
  • Can I add multiple animals to my holding, in one go (BULK UPLOAD)?
    YES!!! FlockFinder Online has a ‘Bulk Upload’ feature. This will enable you to add large numbers of animals from a CSV file, similar to the ones provided by EID readers. To do this: Sign-in to FlockFinder Online: Navigate to the ‘Flock’ section via the side menu Select ‘Bulk Upload’ from the Actions box Download the bulk upload template Complete the template with the animal details you want to upload. Note: It is important to use the breed names provided (on the second tab) exactly as they are spelt. Choose the completed file for 'Bulk Upload' into the platform, then click 'Upload'. The system will validate the content of the file and provide feedback on the number of records that are ready to be uploaded. If this number matches your expectations click the 'Add data' button to add the animals to your account. We know that wrangling data into a system can sometime be tricky. If you need any help, please email and one of the team will be happy to help 🧑‍💻.
  • How do I create a new holding?
    To create a new holding: Open the menu and click on 'Account' In the 'Registered holdings' section, click the button for 'Add or join holding' Enter the 'CPH Number', 'Flock Number' and the 'Holding Address', then click 'Save'
  • How do I join an existing holding?
    To join an existing holding: Click on 'Account' in the FlockFinder Menu In the 'Registered Holdings' section, click on the button for 'Add or join holding' Enter the CPH Number of the holding you want to join and click 'Save'. The holding owner will need to authorise your request, once granted you will receive access to the holding.
  • How can I add users to my holding?
    You can add additional contributors to your holding at no additional cost. Each person requiring access to your holding will need to request access to your holding, see "How do I join an existing holding" above. To approve an access request you, as the holding owner, will need to: Open the menu and click on 'Account' In the 'Registered holdings' section, you will see a "Please review contributors" notification Click on the holding to view a list of contributors requesting access Click 'Approve' to accept the request. Note: at any point you can review the list of contributors on your holding and remove anyone who no longer requires access.
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